Here’s some advice for surviving the first few months of homeownership.

Here are some keys to starting off on the right foot.

You’ve done your research, scouted the neighborhoods and schools, submitted an offer, completed an inspection, gone through the closing process, and now you’re a homeowner. But purchasing the property is only the beginning. From unpacking everything you own to tackling home improvement projects, here’s our advice for surviving the first few months of homeownership. And starting a lifetime of memories.

Unpack with a plan.

Those ping-pong paddles can wait. So can hanging those family pictures. Focus on unpacking what you’ll need to get through the next few days—things that go in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedroom. Then you can move on to the heavier stuff and arrange—and rearrange—furniture. The last spaces you should worry about are the garage, attic, and basement.

Get on your neighbors’ good side.

Unless you’re never taking another vacation, you’ll eventually need someone to check your mail and water your plants. So now’s the time to get on the good side of your neighbors. Good icebreakers include asking about the neighborhood, the nearest parks and walking trails, and the best local restaurants. And make a good first impression by keeping toys off the lawn, keeping the noise down, and keeping property lines in mind.

Visualize. Then prioritize.

Once you’re settled in, you’ll start getting the urge to paint, carpet, replace, repair and upgrade. If you dive right in and start them all at once, in six months you’ll have six half-finished projects. Instead, start a home improvement journal where you list tasks in order of urgency or simplicity. Tick them off one at a time and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment – and save a few bucks..

Hope to DIY?

It’s tempting to try to handle home improvement projects yourself. But before you grab the sledgehammer, make sure you have the tools, the talent and the time for the task. If you’re missing one of those three, stick to things that don’t require technical skills—like painting bedrooms, organizing closets or planting a garden. Leave the plumbing and plastering to the professionals.

Get a feel for curb appeal.

It’s natural to focus on the inside of your new home at first. But don’t forget about the outside. Especially if you’ve moved from an apartment or condo, make sure you have the right equipment to tackle mowing the lawn, taking care of leaves, and other outdoor chores. A push mower may be fine for smaller yards, but you may need a riding mower for a larger property. You’ll probably also need a leaf blower, string trimmer, wheelbarrow, rake, gardening tools and a hose, just for starters. You can always check out what your neighbors are using. If yard maintenance isn’t your thing, you can always hire a landscaping service.

At Frontdoor, we know you love getting things done around the house. Staying in control of your to-do list is easier when you can keep the small things from turning into bigger—and more expensive—ones. We’re here to make it easier to prevent problems instead of reacting to them. We help you gain the peace of mind that comes with staying on top of your home’s health.

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