Get ready to relax in style with your backyard summer checklist.

Remember last spring when you vowed to turn your backyard into an at home oasis in time for summer? You were going to prep your backyard for entertaining, for relaxing, having fun. Well, forget those broken promises. We’re here to help you focus on the future. So let’s dig in!

1. Patch things up with your lawn

There’s more to lawn care than cranking up the mower. If you want it to look lush and green this summer, rake up that excess thatch and those leftover leaves and do some weeding while you’re at it.

You might want to consider aerating. Chances are your soil is compacted, which makes it hard for water and nutrients to get to the roots. Use a lawn aerator—or hire someone who has one—to perforate the ground with lots and lots of small holes to let all that good stuff in.

Either way, you’ll need to seed and add soil to any bare patches, then fertilize and water the whole yard. Those are just a few items on your summer backyard to-do list. If you’re super-ambitious, you could go all-in on a total lawn renovation.

2. Wake up your outdoor space with Backyard ideas for patio

It’s time to wake your patio furniture from its long winter hibernation in the garage or shed.
If you didn’t cover it last fall, you’ll need to give everything a good clean up, from frames to cushions, and may even think about adding a fresh coat of paint.

If you plan to have more people over this summer, you might also want to add more seating. If you do, mix things up a little—if all your furniture is metal, think about rattan or wicker. You can tie everything together with seat cushions and pillows.

3. Fire up the grill

No summer backyard is complete without a grill. You probably stashed yours somewhere near that patio furniture, so give it the same treatment.

  1. Clean the grates with a grill brush and use warm, soapy water on the outside.
  2. Check the propane or natural gas hoses for wear, replace them if needed.
  3. Do a test burn to make sure it heats evenly.

Now you’re ready to add that special flavor to your summer.

4. Throw some shade

Once you have everything situated just right, arrange for some protection from the blistering sun and you’ll have an even better backyard for entertaining. Practical solutions include shade sails, roller shades, and patio umbrellas to keep you and your guests safe in all kinds of summer weather.

5. Add some flower power

The summer backyard ideas just keep coming. Growing flowers in pots is a simple, easy, and fun way to brighten up your patio, deck, or backyard. Start at the garden center and pick out some annuals or perennials…from African daisies to zinnias, you can mix and match colors and textures to show off your creativity and add some visual pop to your backyard.

back deck


6. …and Add some Solar power.

All these backyard enhancements are creating an inviting atmosphere, and nothing says atmosphere like the right lighting. You can really warm up your outdoor space with outdoor solar lights. They can go just about anywhere that gets sunlight—

  1. Along the walkway
  2. The perimeter of a garden area
  3. Deck railings
  4. Tree branches
  5. From your gutters
  6. On a rustic garden gate made from ladders.

Solar lights are simple to install and easy on the environment, too.

7. Consider Adding a Backyard Fire Pit

The perfect backyard for entertaining includes a fire pit. What a fireplace is for a living room, a fire pit can be for your backyard: a great focal point. Surround it with some outdoor seating, load up the cooler, grab the marshmallows, and a few friends, and you’ve got one chill summer evening.

The best part is you should be able to DIY this project without spending a lot of money or time. Check out our blog on how to DIY your own backyard fire pit. If your community doesn’t allow you to burn wood, you can always buy a gas or propane burner.

8. Reward yourself in your Backyard Oasis

Once you’ve made it all the way—or, okay, most of the way— through your backyard summer checklist, you’re going to want to relax and take it easy for a while. You could always lounge on the patio. But why not find a place out in the yard, let’s say between a pair of nice shady trees, where you can visually take in all the work you’ve done and mentally pat yourself on the back? Yes, we’re talking about putting up a hammock. A place to catch up on your reading, catch a few Zs, or catch the sunset.

backyard deck at night


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