Outdoor kitchens have become trendy, and for good reason. Summer is the time of year when you want to spend extra time outdoors. And depending on where you live, there are only so many months during the year when you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor spaces. 

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

As the temperatures heat up, and the days get longer, you’ll want to spend more time outside to soak in the sun. The first step is to beautify your backyard including decor upgrades that make the space pleasant and hospitable for your family and your guests. 

A little creativity and minor upgrades can go a long way into transforming your backyard into a place where you, your loved ones, as well as your friends will be overjoyed to spend time relaxing and enjoying time well spent. 

Creating a simple outdoor kitchen space does not have to turn into a massive ordeal. What follows are a few ideas to get you thinking about the type of outdoor kitchen that appeals to you, fits your space, and is within your budget. 

1. What Are My Needs?

The first step to determining your ideal outdoor kitchen involves figuring out how you intend to use this space and the types of cooking you wish to do. 

Items you may want in your outdoor kitchen:

  • Sink
  • Stovetop
  • Refrigerator

You may be just fine with a grill station or an outdoor multi-use pizza oven.

Do you plan on hosting large groups? If so, you’ll want to invest in optimal seating and make sure there is enough space for people to comfortably gather around the outdoor kitchen area. 

2. Location, location, location 

In this case, when thinking about location, you most likely want to create an outdoor kitchen in relative close proximity to your indoor kitchen. Even better if your kitchen has an exit or sliding doors leading directly to a patio space.

Having your indoor kitchen space nearby means there is much less of a need for outdoor amenities like a refrigerator or stove. Additionally, it means you can do your prep work inside where it’s air conditioned and transfer food outside easily when it’s the right time. This is ideal for food safety and convenience. 

If you don’t have easy access to your indoor kitchen you may want to consider additional outdoor amenities. At the very least, you’ll want outdoor counter space, which might be as simple as a few long tabletops that you can use for prep, presentation, and an outdoor buffet. 

When setting up your outdoor kitchen, consider wind direction for safety and comfort. Also, use your phone's compass to check exposure, ensuring guests aren't blinded by sunset or morning sun while enjoying the outdoor space.

3. Choosing The Right Grill For You

Choosing the right BBQ grill for your outdoor kitchen can feel daunting. It's essential to consider factors such as personal preferences, cooking style, and space. Some people favor gas grills, while others prefer the taste of food cooked on a charcoal grill.

The ideal outdoor grill station is one that makes you feel confident and in control of your culinary creations.

Additionally, keep in mind the need to store the grill during the off-season. Ensure it won't become an inconvenient eyesore when not in use.

4. Consider Countertops

In creating your backyard summer outdoor kitchen, consider countertops that will provide you with adequate space to prep and serve food and drinks. Granite, concrete, and tile, are all prime choices for outdoor countertops. You’ll want something sturdy that can stand up to the elements. You’ll also want something easy to keep clean. You may want to consider adding a little extra counter space just in case down the road you decide to acquire more appliances. 

5. Outdoor Storage

Everything should have a home. Meaning you’ll want places to put everything in your outdoor kitchen when not in use. Organization will make it much easier for you to plan a day using your new outdoor kitchen and you don’t want to be deterred because you know getting everyone organized is going to take a frustrating amount of time. 

When creating your outdoor kitchen, consider installation of shelving, cabinets, and spaces that can store dishes and utensils in a clean environment. All outdoor storage should be weather-resistant. 

6. Lighting Your Outdoor Kitchen

An early consideration might be if you want to have a theme like a tiki bar. If you plan to use tiki torches then you may not need the same amount of investment in outdoor lighting fixtures. 

Outdoor lighting is important for both safety and ambiance. You can install lights under cabinets and/or along your countertop for a warm, inviting glow. A tastefully placed spotlight might be useful if you plan on cooking after dark.

7. Outdoor Kitchen Comforts

While the big focus is often on the nuts and bolts of outdoor kitchen designs, you’ll want to spend time considering seating arrangements and other amenities that will make your summer kitchen space desirable for family and guests to relax. 

Consider the type of seating that compliments your kitchen design, adding additional tables, and items that can help provide shade such as large umbrellas. 

Adding small personal touches like an above-ground organic herb garden adds a nice touch of plant life while reminding everyone that food is a story. You can incorporate your herbs and other items grown in your garden into recipes to really wow your guests. 

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